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Product name : C&Z purlin interchangable roll forming line
Item : ZQ-3
Price : 1-50000 USD per detailed profile
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1) Profile Application: 
1) Profile Application

The machine can produce C, Z two profiles, by changing side of the roller up and down position to achieve C, Z purlin conversion. Time needed just around half an hour which can save time greatly. This machine also can automatically adjust roller horizontal distance to achieve C or Z purlins of the width with high precision, but also save time to increase production

2) Profile  Drawing:

3) Standard Specifications:


4) Main Technical Specification: 

  Suitable Material Thickness:           1.5-3.0mm
  Rolling Speed:                                15m/min
  Roll station:                                    18 stations
7 station for straighten
  Main power:                                    19KW ( depend on the profile )
  Hydraulic power:                              5.5KW ( depend on the profile )
  Control system:                               Famous international brand
  Drive Method:                                  by chain / Gear depend on the profile
          semi-automatic / automatic

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